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Jon Jon is a fun loving guy that is loyal to a fault. He started in the industry as a musician in a failed 80's rock band. Jon Jon takes great pride in being a roadie and serving the band that he works for. Being a roadie is his way of being in and contributing to the music business. He is a little fragile and accident prone as seen with the many medical braces he wears on the outside of his clothing. His favorite color is clear and his favorite meal is chicken nuggets with ketchup. 




Dickie Mamet is an old-school rocker who loves everything and anything rock and roll. Dickie is an orphan who was taken in by Jon Jon and his family so they are the only family he’s ever known. He thinks Jon Jon is the smartest and most talented person he’s ever known and though it’s impossible to make Dickie mad… anyone says anything bad about Jon Jon, will take them to task. That said, Dickie probably wouldn’t recognize an insult if it ran him over. He is affable, affectionate and derives joy from seeing people happy…even at his own expense. Hard working and hard thinking and loyal to a fault, Dickie is the definition of a lovable dumbass… but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you. 

He loves Ho-Ho’s, regular pringles and Hostess Ding-Dongs and eats fresh cherries by the buckets. His favorite band of all time is Boston but he secretly loves Stevie Nicks. He’s convinced she’s gonna marry him some day. 




Born from Nigerian parents who settled in Russia in the 1960s. Tommy a misunderstood Afro-Russian and former employee at Davenport Media the largest entertainment group in the US; finds himself out of a job and on his last hopes of a career in the film industry. 


Many failed attempts at the box office leaves Tommy in a desperate predicament where we must swallow his pride and collaborate with Jon Jon and Dickie in order to achieve a shot at directing a rockumentary film on the uprising rock band “Star V.”

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