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Amanda Gracey is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Star V. Amanda started playing guitar at age 12 after accidentally listening to a Frank Zappa bootleg in its entirety. After being rejected by numerous groups growing up, Amanda taught herself every instrument she could find - as well as developing a perpetual chip on her shoulder and a hunger to dominate the music scene. Her dreams of writing music results in holding herself and others to a high standard, no matter the job. It is said she still has no idea what the color pink is. 




Crystal is a bass slappin’, gum chewin’ renegade for the all-girl band, Star V. She’s tough, but chill. Observant, though tight-lipped. Blunt, yet somehow tactful.She finds humor in just about everything and doesn’t think that life should be taken too seriously. Except for when it comes to music and her band. Crystal grew up in the foster care system and eventually aged out, never finding a permanent family to call her own. The only thing that got her through the loneliness was music and her diary. The family she did find are her best friends and bandmates, who she considers to be more like her sisters. Though she’ll talk to and enjoy the company of just about anyone, she’s not easy to trust others on a personal level. But once she lets you in, she’s your ride or die until the end. If she offers you a piece of gum, then you’re definitely in. Oh, and if you mess with her sisters? Buckle up.




Madonna who? She may have been deemed the "Queen of Pop", but Noel is the QUEEN OF ROCK N ROLL! (Or at least she thinks she is) Noel loves the limelight and the perks that come with it, which may get her in trouble with her band from time to time. She would gladly take center stage or at least throw in a very long guitar solo. She spends all of her earnings on new clothes and makeup, but when she's on stage, you can't take your eyes off of her. She may have a shallow exterior, but beneath it all lies a badass rocker who would go above and beyond for her bandmates. They are her family, after all. Noel is the girl you call for a good time and a good cry, though she may ditch you if a cute guy is around. People either love her or hate and she wouldn't want it any other way. If you smell Chanel No. 5, you know you are in the presence of a legend...well according to Noel. No one else has called her that. YET!




Skyler Lewis can be a little self-absorbed at times but when it comes down to it, she cares deeply about doing the right thing. Skyler's dad was in a rock band and began teaching her to play drums when she was only 6-years-old. Her parents divorced when she was a teen and her mom turned to alcohol to cope. With her dad being on the road most of the time, Skyler was forced to fend for herself. She continued to excel at the drums and formed her own band in high school. She got teased for being a female drummer, but ultimately gained her peers' respect after they watched her play. She considers her current bandmates her best friends and would do anything for them. She can't live without her coffee and loves roller skating. She also secretly has a passion for smooth jazz.




Charli Prynn, always put together, is all business and her business is ROCK. An only child, most see her as bossy, selfish, self absorbed, easily annoyed, and use to getting what she wants. She is all of those things, but there's much more to Charli than meets the eye. Losing her Mother at a young age, she was raised by a single Dad she was always trying to impress. After an early start on the music scene as the only female among men, Charli made it her mission to make women in rock the norm and not the exception. Playing gigs to pay her way through college, Charli graduated with honors and soon after started putting together her first all female rock band. After many failures and setbacks, Charli has finally found success managing her latest band, Star V.




Peggy Louise Buerger is a hard-working Midwestern girl from a poor family who is willing to do whatever it takes make her boss happy.  Peggy got into the industry when she auditioned for one of Charlie's girl bands, but when she didn't prove to have the "IT" factor, Charlie gave her an Assistant position instead.  Peggy has a very sensitive side.  She was bullied in school because of her leg brace and has PTSD from her classmates chasing her down and chanting "Peg-Leg!  Peg-Leg".  She tends to stress eat and powdered donuts are her food drug of choice.  She lives alone with her three cats, Huey, Dewey, and Louis.

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