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Get to know Jon Jon & Dickie

Catch a glimpse into the life of an all female rock band passing through Jersey in the 1980s where they meet Jon Jon Jabowski and Dickie Mamet who are wrapping another failed show to an empty bar.


All Jon Jon and Dickie ever wanted was to be rock stars. But, as they aged and opportunities never came to fruition, an opportunity presented itself and they chose to live out their dreams for the band Star V by being their roadies.


The series follows Jon Jon and Dickie, as they experience life on the road with an all female rock band. They take their job very seriously...sometimes too seriously. Here you will see the contrast between the rock stars and the people who support them on the road. Jon Jon and Dickie always see things through rose colored lenses or maybe they are too oblivious to see the reality in front of them.

Along comes Tommy, a huge Star V fan and filmmaker, who approaches the band’s manager, Charlie, about creating a behind the scenes documentary on the band Star V. Charli, however, quickly says no but out of selfish motivations to uncover something she can use to fire Jon Jon and Dickie, she tells Tommy that he can do a film on the two roadies instead with some access to the band. The show shifts between documentary style interviews, flashbacks, and third person storytelling. Jon Jon and Dickie represent the poser, the naive, and the star struck dreamer  in all of us. So put your fishnets, leather boots and big hair on and live out your rock n’ roll dreams with Jon Jon and Dickie.

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